Campaigning for a HEALTHY BABY

happy birthday baby book

Campaigning for a Healthy Baby- Join the Campaign

Lenae C. Yancy, MPH

Shelby County Health Department, Community Health Bureau

Becoming a mother is a big responsibility!

When a woman becomes pregnant, her life changes drastically. She is not just responsible for herself but also for her unborn child. Anything that could cause harm to her or the unborn baby, she must stop immediately! The mom must make healthy decisions including making better eating choices (eating more fruits and vegetables), starting prenatal care early, getting plenty of rest and drinking plenty of water just to name a few. A HEALTHY BABY starts with A HEALTHY MOM.

Many women who receive the news of a “positive pregnancy screening” are excited about the arrival of the bunddle of joy-however, at the same time, some women are not knowledgeable about motherhood, pregnancy and what to expect. That being the case—allows me to make a suggestion—obtain your copy of the FREE Happy Birthday Baby Book.

The Campaign for Healthier Babies — Happy Birthday Baby Book is designed to promote healthy pregnancies and babies. The Happy Birthday Baby Book outlines month by month what to expect throughout the pregnancy through one year of age. And, the good thing about the Campaign is there are two books– Volume 2 is dedicated to newborn through age 5.  Plus, there is a coupon in the book for $5.00 off the purchase of a $10.00 car seat for those that qualify. The coupon must be redeemed at the Shelby County Health Department. Again, these books are provided at NO cost!!

Requesting a copy of the Happy Birthday Baby Book is easy. Simply call the Shelby County Health Department between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. at 901-222-9132 to request your personal book or visit the Shelby County Health Department at 814 Jefferson Avenue to receive your copy.


One response to “Campaigning for a HEALTHY BABY

  1. Paula G. Humphrey

    This information is accurate and easy to read. Lenae has done a great job informing the public! Lenae continue to inspire others and share your expertise.


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