Lead Poisoning Can Be Prevented

Shelby County Infant Mortality Reduction Initiative

Tunishia Kuykindall

Tunishia S. Kuykindall, AAS, BS
Environmental Technical Specialist/Master Healthy Homes Practitioner
Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Program
Shelby County Health Department
814 Jefferson Ave.
Memphis, TN 38105
Office: 901-222-9128
Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Program

Lead poisoning is having too much Lead in the body.  Our bodies have no known use for Lead.  According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), the level of concern in children 6 years-old and younger is 5µg/dL.  Younger children are the most susceptible to Lead poisoning and the harmful effects caused (learning disabilities, growth impairment, and death) due to continued brain development and hand-to-mouth activities.  Lead poisoning occurs in homes built on or before 1978 that were painted with Lead-based paint.  Children that have been poisoned usually have come in contact with Lead dust, but eating paint chips has also been observed.

Ways to avoid Lead poisoning include keeping paint in good repair and washing children’s…

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