Making Connections through “DOSE”


The Shelby County FIMR/IMRI team understands the importance of making connections within the community to help reduce infant mortality. From September 6-8, The Community Health Bureau hosted four Direct On-Scene Education (“DOSE”) training sessions for first responders and home visitors. DOSE is an innovative attempt at eliminating sleep-related infant death due to suffocation and strangulation. It was designed to utilize first responders to identify and remove hazards while delivering education to parents of infants on scene, during emergency and non-emergency 911 calls. The training provided first responders from Memphis Fire Department stations within the 38109 ZIP code with knowledge to educate parents and caregivers about safer sleep environments for babies. Captain James Carroll of the Fort Lauderdale Fire Department, who created the program, provided the training. Attendees learned about infant mortality in Shelby County, ways to identify infant safe sleep hazards within homes, and available resources in the community to address unsafe sleep environments for babies.

This training was the first of several planned activities for Infant Mortality Awareness Month.

One of the key things for all caregivers to remember is the “ABCs of Safe Sleep,” which is that babies should sleep:

A – ALONE, with no other people, pets, pillows, blankets, or stuffed animals,

B – On their BACK, not on their side or stomach, and

C – In a CRIB (or bassinet, playard, or other safe sleep surface designed for infants).


For more information on the DOSE Training or on Safe Sleep, please call (901) 222-9119.


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