Remembering Our Babies

There is no foot too small that it cannot leave an imprint on the world.


The month of September, Infant Mortality Awareness Month, is coming to a close. The Shelby County Health Department hosted and participated in many events to commemorate the month, including the DOSE Training. Maternal Child Health also participated in Purple Sunday and Purple Friday, and helped raise awareness of safe sleep for infants at the Overton Park Farmer’s Market and at Gold Sneaker training, in partnership with the Tobacco Prevention Program.

October is SIDS, Pregnancy, and Infant Loss Awareness Month. Every day, a dozen babies are lost to SIDS or other sudden, unexpected deaths, and over 70 parents experience a stillbirth. The Shelby County Health Department works in the community to raise awareness of these issues and help ensure that families experience healthy pregnancies, engage in safe sleep practices for their infants, and do everything they can to help babies see their first birthday and beyond.

On Tuesday, October 4, 2016, the Shelby County Health Department, along with other agencies and organizations, will assist and support a Celebration of Remembrance for families who have experienced a fetal or infant loss. This ceremony will take place at Bellevue Baptist Church (West Entrance), 2000 Appling Road, Cordova, TN 38016.


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