What is 17P?

Are you the mother of one of the 500,000 preterm babies born each year in the United States? And, sadly, was your baby one of the 11,300 infants who dies on the first day of birth?

The major cause of infant death is prematurity which is one-third of all infant deaths in the United States. If you have given birth to a baby before 37 weeks of pregnancy, you have delivered a premature baby. When you become pregnant again, there will be an increased risk that your next child will be born too early, facing chronic medical problems, disabilities and/or death before his/her first birthday.

There is help for mothers who have had premature infants and are pregnant again. It is a medication called 17 Alpha-hydroxyprogesterone caproate, or just “17P”, which can decrease the risk of preterm birth by 33%. If, after evaluation by your health care provider, you qualify for 17P, you will receive a 17P injection once a week from the 16th to the 36th week of your pregnancy.

If you are currently pregnant, consider 17P if:

• You have previously delivered a baby before 37 weeks of pregnancy, and
• You are carrying one baby (singleton).

Be the proud Mom of a baby born on time!


More information is available on 17P here!


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